Vigilance Organisational Set Up in the  Union Territory of Puducherry:-

The Chief Secretary to Government of Puducherry  is also the Chief Vigilance Officer of this administration.  The Chief Vigilance Office files are processed and submitted to the Chief Vigilance Officer through the Under Secretary to Government (Vigilance).  A separate Police wing known as Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Police Unit headed by an Officer in the rank of Superintendent of Police had been set up under the direct control of the Chief Vigilance Officer.

Functions of Chief  Vigilance Officer:-

He is primarily responsible for the enforcement of anti-corruption measures  of the Government of Puducherry and of the instructions/guidance issued by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi for the maintenance of integrity in the public services.

     As per the provisions envisaged in the Vigilance Manual, the Petitions/Complaints/the source reports sent by the Central Vigilance Commission, New Delhi/Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi/Central Bureau  of Investigation, Chennai are examined with due care at the Level  of Senior Officers of the Administration  and where ever required/ sent to the Superintendent of Police, Vigilance and Anti-Corruption Police Unit, Puducherry for enquiry.  In case prima facie case is made out, appropriate action, either disciplinary or legal proceedings is initiated against the charged  government servant with the approval of Competent Authorities and with the advice of the Central Vigilance Commission, as the case may be.

    The following Departments of Government of Puducherry are identified as sensitive. 

Name of the Department
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1.   Public Works Department
2.   Electricity Department.
3.   Transport Department
4.   Revenue   Department
5.   Department of Civil Supplies and Consumer Affairs
6.   Department of Industries and Commerce
7.   Department  of Health and Family Welfare Service
8.   Police Department
9.   Co-operative  Department
10. School Education
11. Higher and Technical Education
12. Agriculture Department
13. Department Fisheries and Fisherman Welfare
14. Department of Animal Husbandry and Animal Welfare